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Mug your Soap

Coffee, coffee, coffee, what a way to start the day and what a way to finish it
Coffee the drink that kicks you awake and has to be perfect to taste, but more and more we see products using coffee and we are talking beauty products not food, it a growing trend as well as a benefit, we at vedition have been trying out varies coffee products lately including scrubs, lip balms and soaps, and we thought to give you a little insight into this lovely bar of coffee

Gk natural creations have been up the top of our list for their great products before (check out the shave set) and they will be staying there after using this soap, the added coffee grounds give that great exfoliation, which you don’t get from many plain soap bars, the coffee grounds help to clear away dead skin cells and Cocoa butter to moisturise , it’s a simple thing but works wonders to your skin, and so many more people seem to be using soap bars, realising they are an old but pure form of cleaning ones self, just remember to let the bar dry out in between uses and don’t drop it on your bare toes, it hurts, trust us

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