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Pea pure stay pure

We have all been asked that question before, you know that one about protein and all vegans slowly dying because they don’t get any, it is one of those things that people are so blind about and yet vegans actually get so much protein and good natural protein as well, then you get people asking why vegans take and drink super shakes and protein shakes, well that’s a silly question really, it is because they want to be the best they can be and as like any meat eater there just isn’t enough protein in your daily intake to help sustain those gym bunnies, your find alt east 90% of gym bunnies will take some sort of supplement before or after gym, omg does that mean they aren’t  getting enough protein and will die, no of course not, it just means our bodies need a boost and a boost it shall have, meat free muscle are ripping their way through the gyms and turning heads when omnis (meat eater) see the power of plant based supplements and shakes, here is the rundown of Meat free muscles mixed berry pea protein powder.

Firstly pea protein is great alternative to other protein sources, it boast a high biological and digestive rate, which helps the body to absorb the protein and repair cells quicker, meat free muscle pea protein contains substantial amounts of the branched chain amino acids , arginine, Isoleucine Lysine and Valine.

Each serving contains 37 grams of protein and only 181kcals 2.4 of which are saturated fats, which is great balancing powder the main ingredients show just how clean this powder is, if you look at the back of some protein powders there are over 50 different ingredients, most of which aren’t helping your body at all, here are the ingredients of the meat free muscle mixed berry and well it just shows how natural and clean these shakes are, after all protein is essential for a healthy lifestyle, the key to building and maintain muscle and for regeneration

Pea protein, Isolate, flavouring – Allura red AC, colourings, Xanthan gum sweeter: stevia. 
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