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The word superfood is over used in so many ways now days, anything that benefits people now gets placed on the superfood list, I think people seem to forget that 99% of foods will benefit you in some way, there are some real superfoods that will always be at the top of the list thought , like coconut oil, that stuff is like magic, it is used for everything from cooking to bringing the dead back from the grave, no but in all seriousness, it is pretty good right? well another great superfood, which seems to get forgotten is Garlic, it is used in about 50% of cooking around the world, yet people don’t know the power of raw garlic and how it affects your body and mind, recent evidence based research has proven it can effectively help high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease as well as help fight colds, cholesterol and even help in the fight against cancer, don’t get me wrong , I am not saying it’s a cancer cure, but research has seen cancer reduce quicker when garlic gets involved, we aren’t scientists here, so research more if your tight eyed.

Garlic has some other amazing benefits, it contains Vitamins C and B6, manganese , selenium and other antioxidants, which help fight off illness and boost your immune health but now your probably thinking, there is no way I am eating raw garlic, well there happens to be these super strength garlic capsules from Terra Nova, 6000mg capsules are a standardised supplement of 4200mcg allicin are super popular in the natural health world and naturally help fight against viral infections , remember there isn’t a cure for the common cold, although the super market shelves are full of cold and flu remedies, they are only designed to help the effects of cold and flu, not actually fight them and prevent them, it’s all just chemicals , chemicals , chemicals, these Garlic capsules from Terra Nova are 100% fresh freeze dried garlic with the average allicin content of 300ug per capsule, they contain no fillers, binders or other excipients, keeping them and you 100% natural.

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