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The Dry High

When your having a busy week, every minute counts, where it’s skipping lunch ,not shaving or not washing your hair, we do the little things , like snack when we can, do work on the tube or tie up our hair to stop it looking greasy , then there is dry shampoo but half the time they are just a can of cold air and don’t actually seem to do much in the way of helping your hair look fabulous again, and then you have all those harsh chemicals our adding to your hair and now when you go into a store and look at dry shampoo, there really isn’t a big choice, but online there really are some amazing and natural products for your hair and yes a great dry shampoo from Tabitha James Kraan  and they come in colour tones, for dark and light hair , super compact and organic.

The dry shampoo is designed to refresh and volumize your hair whist leaving your hair smelling natural and clean and having that blow dried feel and shine, using soothing and certified essential oils including geranium, may chang, benzoin, lemon grass and lavender it is something beautiful for the bag.

The organic shampoo will help balance out the hairs oil production and soothe the scalp and couldn’t be easier to use, simply shake well, and spray directly onto your hair, massage lightly into the roots with your fingers and then brush your hair, can be used when need.

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