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A Different Drummer

Winter is just around the corner, those cold nights wrapped up in front of the fire place, it is rather dreamy, but when it comes to winter there is winter fashion, big coats, muddy boots and thick scarfs, winter is my favourite time of year I love to lay up with knitted jumpers and long coats, but I also like to lay up with smart suits as well, think 3 piece tweed with a green pea coat, the joys of deep colours and dark pallets.

There is a lot more to winter than just the cold and fashion though it’s the smell of winter , the leaves on the ground and wet air, it is refreshing in a sense , but winter to me comes warm smells, like hot food and also deep toned perfumes, I think of summer perfumes as a sweet light tone that flows and doesn’t over power when you are getting a bit hot around the collar, winter tones I like to think are heavy smells like ash and woods, something heavy that gentle drifts through all those lays , the one for me this winter is from one of my top 5 perfume brands and that is warden perfumes, I wrote about the perfume ( The solid earth) a little while ago and it really is one of my favourite perfumes of all time, but now comes this little beauty ( A different Drummer) even the name is Christmasy.

The perfume it’s self is perfect for me in more than just a scent but because this is a 15ml travel size ,which helps because , you know I travel a lot for work, it fits in my man bag, and is great for international travel restrictions, the Scent opens with a spicy blast of pepper , followed by wood tones of cedarwood, Amber and Amyris Sandalwood, together they give a deep over tone of wood but also a unusual twist with the pepper, it’s hard to describe such a perfume, I mean they are for the senses after all, but a little goes a long way, if you want to try more from the walden range I would recommend checking out there small 5ml pocket testers or their trail set if you fancy giving them a try before deciding on your tone of choice

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