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A Gold Watch

As I have said in the past, I am not a big fan of gold/gold colour items, I went off my fashion rail and ended up getting some gold cufflinks, that I fell in love with(getting married to them next year) all jokes a side, they are a really nice pair and since getting them I’ve been looking other such items that are small in size but really added to the outfit.

I am not one for lots of bling or jewellery, I have worn a ring probably once in the last 10 years, although for some reason I still have 5 rings in my jewellery box that are pretty new, we can talk about that another time and why we buy so much crap we never wear, but as for the piece I did buy was this watch, and there it is pretty damn gold looking, there is something so appealing about this watch, I got it without actually thinking what I would pair it with, it more of a casual watch to me, I wouldn’t match it with a suit but more jeans and jacket, the watch its self is a full metal jacket, where the strap clips together, it’s a nice light watch and battery operated, the face is in black and that works well for me, my last post about gold was about matching black with gold, so this is perfect already, I can’t stand chunky chains and to much bling bling.

As for the styling of the piece, I would wear, blue/black jeans, contrasting top, white or black and then a dark jacket, either blue or black, that way the watch contrasts well , pair the outfit with some clean trainers or flat soles slip ons and you are ready to go.
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