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Black & Gold

I will be honest and say I used to hate Gold, the colour , the feel , everything about it , whether that be a watch, necklace or gold plated toilet brush that someone probably has somewhere.

But I mean I always thought of gold as a cheap item, I mean I grew up about the streets with my friends seeing these rude boys and chavs in there tracksuits with chuck fake gold necklace and always associated gold with that item, even when I would see these beautiful diamond rings about in shops, I mean don’t get me started on diamonds, that’s a whole other story, but like people get themselves in to debt to buy these gold wedding rings, I just never got the appeal, up until recently, shock face!
I think gold has to be paired with the right outfit and style, it is how the gold is formed and looks, it could be me getting old but, no serious I am in my 20’s.

In the last month or so I have brought gold colour items, one being these cufflinks from TopMan neither I will say are real gold, but it isn’t the cost that appeals to me, it is now the colour and I did wonder when buying the items, am I really going to wear these, and well yeah I have and I love them, I wear the cufflinks with a white shirt and black jacket, it’s a great match, the contrast between the colours work so well, although cufflinks are small, they add a great highlight to an outfit and gold against black sleeves just rocks glam, but not over the top, these cufflinks are a twisted knot and the shape just fits gently with the look, I don’t like to over power a look with lots of jewellery, I try to keep it as simple as possible while adding a bit of class and classic, if I was to add something else to this outfit, It would be a plain flat tie clip, again it’s the little details that make a big impact, you go from the funeral suit look to the dark stranger with style, a black suit, white shirt, black shoes, and your gold pieces that catch the eye, can always lose the tie, pop a few buttons.

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