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Guys if you haven’t read my article on Ren toners then go check it out, they are some of the best there is, this Clarimatte clarifying toner is the new addition to my daily face fix, it is a multi – functioning toning lotion that helps unclog pores and clear away dead skin, leaving you with a clear complexion and smoother , toned skin.

Now this all may sound a bit much if you haven’t used a toner before but it couldn’t be simpler, it is just like water, put it on a cotton pad and wipe around your face, trust me guys you will thank me later , but if like me and have a mix of dry skin one day and oily the next you can really benefit from using this simple but powerful product, I don’t tend to suffer from shots or pore problems much anymore but this toner really helps with this too,  the toner helps reduce pore size while the antimicrobial action minimizes more breakouts.

The insides really count, Salicilin from willow bark and flavonoids from May blossom reduce the appearance of larger pores while the anti - bacterial properties help stop further breakouts and leave you skin clean. A complex of friendly AHA’s including glycolic and lactic acids decongest and help remove dead skin cells, allowing the skin to breathe and renew.

The all natural ingredients are extracted from pineapple(Glycolic acid) , passion fruit (Lactic acid) lemon (citric acid) and grape (tartaric acid) , although it says acid and your be thinking there is no way I am putting acid on my face, they are friend acids that do a great deal for your skin and body as well, You will feel fresher and clear after the first use, you can use the toner day and night and follow using your daily moisturize as normal after, I like to let the toner soak in a little while before applying my moisturizer. 

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