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Should the Shoes

Us guys tend to think that women have heaps of shoes, but you would be wrong in thinking that, as it happens to be other way round, guys own and buy far more pairs of shoes than girls, we probably wear them more than once as well, although I have to admit I do have some pairs I haven’t ever worn or have worn once and forgot about.

Shoes happen to be a very important part of any outfit, not just because they protect your feet, but they are every part as important as your jeans and shirt and tend to get forgot far too much, you can easily make your top and trouser look great by washing and pressing them but when it comes to shoes, they get neglected.

Just think when a girl looks at you and thinks how smart you look, then peers down to see dirty roughed up shoes, it makes an impression upon them, it sounds silly but the same goes for styling and matching shoes to your outfit choice, colours and shoes style can make or break that outfit, you may thing yeah I wouldn’t wear trainers with a suit, but you actually can and they work really well together if done right, say for a black suit, it’s a neutral shade you want a contrasting shade , I tend to go for white, matched with a white t-shirt or shirt, this look matches well , it is smart/casual and you can roll up your trousers to graze the ankles as well, giving a relaxed but smart feel , but say you’re wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and tweed blazer, the trainers just don’t flow, it takes it from smart/casual to casual untidy , I would match that style with some boots or pointy shoes, black, brown or stone colours would all work well , depending on your colour palette, but once you have the style in place, you can work on the colours, check out the selection below for ideas.

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