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From a young ages are parents were for ever telling us to eat our greens, grow big and strong and in fact all we wanted was sweets and now that we are older all we want is to eat our greens and probably should, it can be hard to get everything you need, if your living a busy life style , I for one don’t get enough nutrients in my diet, I tend to snack about or eat quick, put together meals are sometime all I get time to do, that and a cup of coffee of course, but I have found that now I am boosting my fruit and veg levels per day, I don’t actually feel as tired as I am, I don’t so much eat the fruit and veg but rather put it in a shake or smoothie and add some magic ingredients.

The shake/smoothie has to have a balance of both worlds, I tend to go for spinach, carrot, orange, celery and then add some seeds or nuts, but then I add a good kick to the shake as well, one ingredient being tumric and the other being this supergreens powder, super greens powder many not seem a lot but it packs in your daily nutrients all in a little spoon full, it is naturally occurring goodness and contains your vital greens, including spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach and kale.

This powder can be used in shakes or just added to water to help support your daily in take of nutrients and support your immune system, high in antioxidants to protect oxidative damage and high in vitamin c to protect cells and keep them healthy, whichever way you use it, it is sure to help you and your body be at one, listed below are the ingredients, so you can see how much is packed into the little spoon of greenness .

Per 5g serving

Spirulina 700mg
Alfalfa 300mg
Beta carotene 30mg
Barley grass 300mg
Wheat grass 300mg
Kale 200mg
Green tea 80mg
Spinach 200mg
Broccoli 130mg
Parsley 130mg
Celery 130mg
Carrot 130mg
Ginger root 100mg
Beetroot 100mg
Alfalfa sprouts 80mg

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