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The Hot Wash

Lets start this by talking a little about peel masks and toners, they are great for refreshing your skin, they gently strip away your dead skin and pores to leave the radiant fresh glowing skin underneath, but with this comes some down sides as well.

They strip away everything and that’s not always best for your skin, the oils your body produce might not look so good but are a very important part of maintaining your skin, hence why you shouldn’t use peel masks every day, but your be surprised how people don’t realise that using all these products just clear away more skin, I use a cleanser and toner every day and that cleans away the dirt and also the oils as well, I get very dry skin, and then just add more products to try and counter balance the problem.

Oily skin products usually attempt to strip away excess sebum but this cause the body to over compensate and produces even more sebum, you have to have balance between the two and there are some great ways of doing it, lyons leaf are doing it the old fashion way and I say that because the hot cloth has been being used for hundreds of years, they have just ramped it up to eleven with this great set. This dry skin and wrinkles oil cleansing with lyonsleaf beauty balm keeps your pores clean without stripping away the skins oils, helping to improve its natural barrier, while keeping the skins moisture in, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and plumped which is great if like me, have dry skin.

The beauty balm is made with over 90% tropical  plant oils that are sun-stable, these oils have evolved a myriad of natural antioxidants which prevent free radical damage caused by sun damage and pollutants, the balm is free from artificial chemicals and water free which means there is no preservatives that kill bacteria growing in the water element of a similar balms or creams, making it suitable for all skin types including hyper sensitive, cruelty free and fair trade.


The 30ml Beauty Balm for cleansing and moisturizing all in one, a white cotton facial flannel and 2x two ply muslin face cloths

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