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A Bottle for Both

I am always in a rush, not that I am ever on time though, a big night on the town and I need to get home, shower, eat, and sort my face out as well, having a shave and shower always seems to be my down fall when getting ready, I do like to take my time and enjoy a long hot shower, even when I am in rush and I try to use those duo shampoo and body wash bottles of soap, they do work well but I either find it works better for one or the other, either the hair is great or the body is clean, it is very balanced, until I tried this little beauty from the handmade soap co.

Their Mens range has added Grrrr as they like to put it and I would have to agree, the little bottle has the perfect balance for hair and body, blending  sweet orange, lime and basil oil, it gives off a lovely scent while doing what it’s made to do, clean your skin, but also leaving it fresh and awake, while feeling soft, you only need a small amount to get bubbly, scrub boy scrub you’re in a rush remember.

But not only does it get you clean but it’s good for your skin and free from Parabens, SLS, 
petrochemicals and other synthetics that clog up pores and dry out your skin, as well as being natural they are taking care of the environment as well using recycled packaging and vegetable derived inks, it may be small but it makes a big different to our future generations.

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