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The shave, it’s a day to day thing that becomes a chore, we are going to have to do it but sometimes can’t be bothered with all the fuss and hassle, but how you shave is always the most important part and what you use to shave with makes a whole lot of difference to the experience and also to your skin as well.

I use to use disposable razors all the time, they would work for the first few shaves but then start giving me razor rash and cutting me up, then I would have to go buy more every other week, I went on to buy a razor that uses replacement blades, they would last a lot longer but actually trying to find the right blades was a nightmare and then they would cost a bomb to buy as well, that’s where Harry’s really stepped in and saved the shave, not only does it look great but shaves great, and after all that is the point.

The care, craftsmanship and design  of Harry’s razors can be seen from the offset and are why they are becoming one of the leading grooming products of 2017, using high quality materials and ingredients that deliver the performance you would expect , Harry’s make every part of their product in their German factory, from grinding the steel for the blades to the casting for the handle, this may not sound amazing, but when it comes to quality and the price you pay, it makes a big difference, it ensures quality products that come directly from them, directly to you.

Harrys works on a month by month basis, you choose which plan suits you depending on how much you shave, they send you the blades when and where you want them and have a great trail set to get you started that includes the handle , razor blade, shave gel and a travel protector, there are different sets you can to choose from,  the images feature the Truman Set in orange, this handle has a rubber grip and is centre weighted for better control, all Harry’s shave plans and sets come with the same blades, providing a great shave no matter what your style preference is. Below is some tips on how to shave from Harry’s.

1.       Wet your face and massage in shave gel or soap
2.       It is important to shave with the grain to get a baby face
3.       Use the precision trimmer to get the hard to reach places, try out different angles to find which suit your face
4.       Gentle splash with cold water to the face and pat fry
5.       Use after shave cream/Balm.

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