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Lip Sync

The cold winter months are coming and it is at this time of year that looking after your skin is most important, but one thing that a lot of us guys seem to forget is the importance of protecting our lips, me included and I get really bad cracked lips and then I still forget to put some balm on, which is stupid as I really hate the feeling of cracked peeling skin, so I went on a mission to get a lip balm that works well and taste nice while being cruelty free, don’t get me wrong I have found loads of lip balms, but they start to get bity or melt in my pocket and that’s just not what anyone wants really.

Then I picked up this little stick on Lovelula to try out and I thought it would just be another lip balm to fall in to my bucket of failed lip balms, but to my surprise it not only taste great but has really helped my lips after just a couple of days, the Balm is made entirely out of Vegetable and instead of Beeswax it contains candelila wax as well as calendula, cocoa butter and coconut oil, with a burst of antioxidants.

A luxurious lip balm with  a great flavour of pomegranate which actually taste more like strawberry to me but I’ll let you decided on that one, the lip balm has all the essential healing oils that help repair and soften your lips, but remember that although your lips are repaired, you need to carry on protecting them, so apply some balm when you’re out and about

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