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Styling our hair is probably one of the most important things we do on a day to day bases, including women, but they have the advantage of being able to tie it up if its long enough to do so, which still keeps it looking nice when needed, unless you have a top knot/ man bun then keep reading, that is unless you like to style it somehow.

When it comes to my hair, it’s a short faded back and sides with textured mid length top, that I like to wear forward but if I want, can also wear slicked back as well, I need a product which can do both so it has to be mid strength and then I like to give it a bit of a spray with strong hold spray depending on if my hair is being moody, this prefect duo from John Masters couldn’t be a better match for getting the styles into shape.

The Clay
Made with a blend of 3 different natural clays and 3 essential oils, this product is non silicone based and doesn’t leave you with a plastic feeling coating your hair, the clay helps to not only style your hair but restore moisture and detoxify the hair while giving a flexible and workable hold for easy shaping and styling leaving your hair with a matte finish looking, there’s not many hair wax/clay products I have come across that not only style your hair but help restore it, this one is a keeper, to style my hair, I get a 20 pence size piece of product in my palm , rub it together and work it into my hair, going straight back then forward, this way it isn’t just coating the underside of the hair, then I push it into the style I want, re work your hair until you get it the way you want it.

The spray
This all natural  plant based hair spray is the perfect size to take with you on the go, it offers up some great hold and doesn’t leave you with flake bits , made with six main organic ingredients it suffuses the hair with beneficial nutrients that don’t suffocate your hair but help protect and give you a hold that will last all day, the spray is safe for use on coloured and helps fight fizz and protect against humidity, I recommend styling your hair with the clay, then give the spray a few pumps about half a foot above your hair , so that the spray falls naturally and doesn’t give you clogged lumps of stuck together hair.

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