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PHD Super Grain

I am always on the go, I travel around in and out of london every day a few times a day and it can be hard trying to eat well on the go, I tend to go for quick foods or snack a lot which isn’t to good for me, I either find that I am not actually full enough or that what I am eating affects my IBS so bad that I don’t actually want to eat it in the end, but I am also trying to put on weight at the same time which I also find very hard to achieve, it goes up and down quicker than a clowns balloon pump.

So I have started to actually prep meals or at least balance my diet a bit better, as well as drink some protein shakes or fruit shakes, problem is, I still find myself snacking all the time, usually on bad things, so I decide instead of trying to cut out my snacking, I will try and improve it, by snacking on something that will actually benefit my body and mind, I have had some protein bars before, but they tend to be for raw gym buff bunking up those muscles, which I am clearly not , but I also couldn’t find many shops that sold cruelty free protein bars which were easy to just grab and go, until I spotted PHD protein bars in a Holland & Barrett store and those stores are pretty much everywhere now days.

PHD Bars are packed full of super grains, seeds and protein which help fuel me throughout the day, but they also help build and maintain muscle, so if you are a gym bunny, then they are great for that too. The bars are naturally sweetened and made with gluten free oats, nuts, seeds and coconut oil and available in two flavours, Peanut butter crunch and Dark chocolate and raspberry, I am not a massive fan of lose grains to be honest, but these bars aren’t to bad and did fill me up enough not to want to keep eating , which is what I wanted in the first , plus the added bonus that they are good for you as well, below is a list of the nutritional values.

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