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Puslin Bar

So after trying out some of the protein bar range from PHD protein, that weren’t too bad considering I don’t like grainy good or oat bars too much, I decided to start trying out more and find some that where a bit more of a liking to my sweet tooth, and I think I found a winner with theses, I picked up two bars, not really checking what they were but as long as they were cruelty free, one is a raw choco Brownie bar which is an energy booster and full of minerals and the other is a protein booster, which pretty much covers everything I need.

The Almond & Raisin Raw Choc brownie is a great booster, Almonds are full of magnesium which helps to reduce fatigue, the almond blended along side raisins and cashews for a high fibre bar and plenty of minerals, all the ingredients are premium and natural, selected for the best quality and most nutritional benefits, the bar has lovely soft texture, just like you hope from a brownie, just this one has all the added benefits.

The other bar was the Maple and Peanut protein bar, containing a blend of pea and rice protein which provides all the essential amino acids you need while being free from refined sugars and using really Canadian maple syrup to give it the sweet taste, the bar is great when on the go but is also great for a pre or post work out down the gym, the plant based protein is high in fibre and is also a lot better for you than milk based protein products, as well as leaving you feeling fuller for long

Both bars are great and widely available in local shop, will be checking out more the range soon.

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