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The Time Kartel

 When it comes to watches there are great watches and then there are just watches, I believe a great watches is so much more than just the materials it is made from, but the history behind the watch, where it comes from, where it is going and why it became what it is, you can think of big brands but I am talking about the little ones, they are big on the market but work small and independent.

This watch company started with the desire to instil the values of a rich past into every product while being mindful of their roots, history and culture, building this on the 250 years of local watch making history, being inspired by the dramatic landscapes that are Scotland, Kartel watches are an independent company following its heart in design and the production of timepieces.

You only have to take a look at their website to see they have used another of Scotland’s famous  productions within their watches, that being tweed , some of the great features with their watches is you can completely design the watch you want, from the face, to the strap choice which includes tweed in a number of colours. If you like you can choose from a selection of pre made designs and also get extra straps if you fancy changing it up, in addition to a great watch you can also get it custom in graved at no extra charge and comes with a 36 month warranty , that’s is a lot to take in but judging from the quality of these watches, they are built to last a life time, I choose this gun metal case with a white face and camo green strap with a matte finish , plus an additional strap in Tan, if you’re thinking about doing the same, remember that you want the colours to contrast well, so a tan strap wouldn’t work with a blue face and dark case, keep it neutral if you plan on changing it up.

Check out their website and you will see what I am talking about, the possibilities are endless with these watches, be stylish, be creative.
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