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Toned Down Jam

You have all probably seen that I love my suits and tailoring but I do also love a relaxed street style outfit as well and I am not talking smart/casual like suit trousers and trainers, I am talking baggy jumpers and ripped jeans, it’s not something I do all the time, but it is comfy and can look pretty cool if it is styled right, I put together this simple outfit while shopping about town, yes I known it’s all black and white, but it matches the colour of soul.

Let us break down the outfit starting from the bottom and work our way up, pictured are some classic sport style trainers, they are comfortable, stylish and light to wear, but you could opt for some heavy boots as well, it is a big difference but would still give an edgy look while being relaxed.
Next up are the jeans, yeah I know there are holes in them, I put them there to begin with, crazy right?,

Ripped jeans have become super popular in the last couple of years, although they have been in fashion since the 80s, people seem to think it is a new trend, but the fact is, the new trend is wearing as little jean as possible and ripping the biggest holes possible into them, these jeans are in-between with hand size holes, ripped jeans give off the casual rock look but can still look classy at the same time depending on how you pair them, for example a shirt, ripped jeans and boots, changes the outfit from casual dress down, to smart casual.

Then we have the Top half, featured is a two tone jumper that is over sized, I think it being over-sized gives it that relax drape look that fits well with the street style, but could also be worn with a coat of jacket while still looking baggy and draped, it is comfortable and they look pretty good with rolled up sleeves, when it comes to jewellery you can pair this style with whatever takes your fancy, I have paired it up with a simple plain black watch and tear drop necklace.
if you like this outfit idea, give it a try, you haven’t got to spend a lot or if you have some old jeans and jumper about, put it together and see what takes your fancy.

Happy stylings 
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