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Homme No.3

As I have said before shaving for me can be a right old nightmare, not always the shaving part, but the after effects, even with a top end razor I still manage to get razor rash and sore skin, there isn’t much else I can do to prevent it, but there is a lot that can be done to help the after effect of shaving, using a toner after shaving is something I have come to do, but toners can still be harsh on sensitive skin , so I tend to use moisturises, but I find most of them tend to leave my skin oily or puffy and hot, like the red faced, I just ran for the train hot, never a good sight, but then I was recommended a cooling moisturiser and what do you know it actually helps subside the redness and burning feeling.

My choice was from the Green people, a certified organic and non-greasy after shave moisturiser, it works by replacing the natural oils while cooling down your skin after a shave, using organic Almond oil and Shea butter to help soothe and tone down the skin , while the plant actives and antioxidants from green tea, Calendula and mint help guard against spots and naturally cleanse your skin, the moisturiser is suitable for people with eczema, acne and skin blemishes, it is very think and you only need a pea side amount to get the job down, massage it into your skin well and your ready to go.
The No.3 for Men is made without Parabens, lanolin, Alcohol and colourants which aren’t just bad for your skin but bad for environment as well. Keep it natural and pure

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