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 Time stops for no ones, if it wasn’t for the measure of time where would we be? Not in a good place I can imagine, time is an important thing and keeping track of it is something we do without even realising, most of us probably check our digital devices hundreds of times a day, but to me nothing beats a good old watch, they will be here to end of time, even after the end of man amongst the planet, those time pieces will still tick, now if you’re a reader of the The Vanity edition you would of seen our article The Time Kartel, we wrote about the high quality pieces from Kartel watches based in Scotland, they offer customised and engraved watches in so many styles and colours you wouldn’t know what to choose, and here we are, they have done it again but with a difference.

Now I do love my watches I have them in every colour, material and style you can imagine but up until now I had never really liked square/rectangular faced watches, there was something that just didn’t click to me, but after being notified about Kartel watches new range called Sinclair I fell in love from the offset, The Sinclair KT-003 features a rectangular case with sub dial in a brushed silver 304 grade stainless steel case, it’s a match made in heaven, the watch case houses a Miyota 1L45 gilt movement while the dial features a two layer sub-dial with a sun ray effect finish displaying in seconds, as you have seen before kartels designs are modern and simple but with a classic edge that keeps them stylish and reliable, while being comfortable on the wrist, you don’t want a big bulky watch weighting you down, the KT-003  measures in at 42mm by 11mm giving you a sleek low profile and light weight watch that still gives you an eye catching wrist and time accuracy every time.

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