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The Geo Scent

When it comes to perfumes and fragrances it can take a long time choosing your perfect scent and there are your main stream retailers that sell all the easy and known brands like Boss and diesel, but to get the best scent for you,  you want something rich and customised and there are a lot of places online and on the high street that can make a scent for you, that’s all well and said you now have your fragrance.

The Problem comes when you want to change your scent, if like me you have a few different fragrances in the cupboard and change it up depending on where your going and what you’re doing, your soon come to realise that your clothing, even after washing it can cling on to scents and can also be discoloured from your fragrances, the guys at Vanacci have come up with a great solution to this problem, wear your fragrance different and wear it as stylish jewellery, now the idea of wearing a scent as jewellery is nothing new as it has been done for hundreds of years now, but it is the design and the way it is being done now that makes it so great, Vanacci have some great necklaces and wrist wear that gives you a great accessory with the added benefits of wearing your scent but without the damaging effects.

I picked up the Geo black agate bracelet, a sleek bracelet of cut black stones, with duo lockstones and a blue stone detail between them, the inspiration for the design is naturally formed crystals, geo shimmering faceted black agate stone, set into the lockstone material and modelled to represent a cracked Geo which revels a hidden gem stone, a kyanite blue stone gemstone, believed to bring focus and clarity.

The unique lockstone material captures your scent and holds in for 7 times longer, meaning you only need a few sprays to get long last scent, its very simple to do in 3 easy steps.
1.invert the lockstones and apply your favourite scent, watch as the liquid saturates and is absorbed.
2. leave upright for a few minutes to allow the scent to be fully infuse the lockstone, this is so you don’t end up damaging your clothing.
3.the scent will locked into the stone and through micro absorbent structure  your scent will be gradually released through contact with the air and skin.

Tip. It is best to use the same fragrance as the lockstones really do lock in the scent and can be hard to get out once in there, but you do wish to remove the scent try wash the stones a few times until the scent isn’t as strong then apply a new scent.

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