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The Green Gold

Keeping it classic and keeping it clean, and we talking hair here, i would say about 50% of guys wash their hair, leave to dry and then style it, the other half wash it, dry and style, but most of us just want to get it done and done  quickly, in out shake it all about, picking the cleaning products is important thought, they can change the way your hair falls or acts after drying, not only this but you want something that isn't going to cost to much and work well everytime.

I use a lot of these two in one bodywash & shampoo products they make it quick and simple but they tend to run out twice as fast, so ive opted to start trying out some shampoos and body washes separately, starting with something simple but effective for everyday use, Gielly greens classic shampoo which is balanced for everyday use, it is a gentle cleansing and nourishing for your hair and scalp, with a signature blend of  prickly pear seed, argan and blackthorn oils, it leaves your hair feeling soft and clean, you only need a small amount to get a good foam going and then rinse once your done, although i am pretty sure you all know how to wash your hair by now, it is what you do with your hair that makes it your hair.

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