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Ben & Anna: Nordic Timber

Our daily morning usually consists of the same steps of getting ready for the day, clean your teeth, eat breakfast, shower and some deodorant to stop the stink, now I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without some deodorant on, I don’t think many of us would ever leave the house without it, the smell of human body odour is just vile.

Deodorants are amazing for stopping the stink , but they are also very bad for skin and also for the environment, this is mainly the aerosol cans and everything that gets packed into them, firstly you have to think about all the gas that is compressed into them, you’re spraying a highly flammable chemical onto your highly sensitive skin, even though you may not feel it, you cause a lot of damage using aerosols, they have a lot of metals and hazardous chemicals within them, have you ever had that choking feeling when you have sprayed to much in a small room?, well there you go, says a lot about what your put onto your skin, but there are some great alternatives to aerosol deodorants like liquid roll on and also wax sticks, here I have picked out a great example of a deodorant stick that is free from aluminium, phthalates , parabens and alcohol, as well as being certified natural and organic.

This deodorant from Ben and Anna natural soda deodorant  is a warm and wood natural scented deodorant , which contains arrow root to absorb moisture and keep you dry and act as a anti-bacterial to keep your under arms fresh, while baking powder is there to neutralises odour, your see a big different when using deodorant sticks and how much better they are keeping your under arms fresh and irritant free all day, your skin is important so treat it well, Ben & Anna have a great range of deodorants, check them out on the link below 

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