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Over the past couple of years, shaving and grooming have become more than just your daily route, you see hundreds of videos and photos all over Instagram of these amazing clean cut lines and master barbers making your hair and face the way you like it, the only problem with that is for the most of us we can’t go to the barbers every day to get their five star treat, that’s when you have to take home the 5 star treatment or even better order the five stars straight to your door, you have most properly seen this style of home send products before and the big boys at Harry’s already have their foot in the door when it comes to mastering this, but up until recently I hadn’t seen another grooming brand to take them and then Cornerstone pop up and the best thing about this type of product is that it so simple and hassle free, the only bit you have to take care of is actually shaving.

The product set I picked up is the full package which included everything you need for a great shave and after treatment, all the products are uk dermatology tested and are never tested on animals.


the razor handle which is evenly balanced steel and a set of blades to go with it, the blades are fine edge German engineered Japanese chromium steel, coated in a layer of titanium and diamond grade carbon for longer lasting sharpness, in a set of 5, plus a fine trimmer blade and Aloe Vera strip for gliding.

The set also came with everything you need for the prep and post shave experience, to make sure you get the best shave and also the best results for your skin, starting with the pre-shave, cleaning your skin is important before shaving as it helps clear away dead skin cells, dirt and unblock pores, the set comes with this blended face scrub made with cedarwood and volcanic sand to exfoliate and clear the way for a better shave, try it and see the results and how much of a difference cleaning your skin first can make.

Then comes the shave itself, but first you need to prep that skin buy using the shave gel, Cornerstones shave gel was formulated specifically to protect sensitive skin from razor burn which is great for me as it’s a right problem when I shave. The gel blends Eucalyptus oil and ginger extract to give a comfortable and irritation free shave, the gel is designed to be low-lather but highly protective so don’t worry if you don’t look like a foam monster, less is more.

Just as important as the shave it’s self is the post shave and cornerstone have a nice balm to fix you up, it gives you a nice cooling effect, while refreshing and moisturising your skin, helping to restore and reduce irritation, blended with mint and honey extracts to soothe and condition the skin, clean natural products are always the best and you will notice the different, all of Cornerstones products are environmentally friendly, free from alcohol, BPA, parabens and microbeads.
Now look in the mirror and tell me what you see.

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