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Lemon face Coffee paste

Coffee is mine and probably 50% of peoples morning fix on a Monday morning, it helps give you a kick in the right direction, but coffee has so many beauty and grooming uses as well, and one I use often is a coffee based facial scrub, there are plenty on the market now but not all of them are good for your skin, coffee is a think grain and using it can be harsh on your skin, it is like putting a belt sander to it, you can cause some serious damage if you’re not careful, I had a coffee scrub earlier in the year and it was good in ways, but it was also like putting lose coffee from the pot onto your face, it made my skin look good because I had just sanded it away, soft fresh skin, but red and sore.

I have been on the search for something with the benefits of a coffee scrub but not so harsh to my skin, then I found something that has a bit more of a kick, it happens to be from Optiat, their coffee scrub also packs a pick me up Lemon grass lifter, this zesty scrub has infusions of lemongrass, lime and coconut to leave you feeling revitalised and revived, the coffee grounds work as a natural exfoliate, whilst the caffeine stimulates blood flow and natural oils refresh the skin, it is the perfect scrub after a long day and the texture comes out as a paste, it doesn't leave a mess everywhere like other coffee scrubs, its smells great and applys well, thr paste texture makes it easy to cover with a little amount, place a 10p sided piece on your hand and massage into your face and body in a circle motion, rinse and jobs a gooden.

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