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When it comes to bags I am a bit of an addict, I have different styles and materials for different looks, but they are mostly in dark colours, blacks, blues and dark browns, I went around recently in search of a holdall in a lighter shade, that would work well with any style from relaxing trainers and jeans to a smart three piece suit, in black of course, I did most of this searching on the high street , I like to have a look and feel of a bag before getting it, but I didn’t have much luck, I wanted a quality bag that was big enough for a weekend away as I am always travelling about, so then comes along this..

I am not a fan of buying online, because nothing seems to fit right, but then I come across places that fit perfectly and this bag is one of those, it was available in different shades and different materials and, so I got this medium size holdall in a matte stone/peachy shade, it’s a neutral matte colour that would work well with more than one style, enough space to fit in a weekends travel outfits and some extras.

The bag arrived with its own protective cover, a bag within a bag hmm okay. But it is perfect for what I wanted, or was it, at least it was in a light shade with the added bonus of being customised with my initials braided on the side, the website gives you the option to do this in different ways and colours, so that you can make the bag your own, if your after something you can’t find on the High street then this is great but there are a few downsides.

For me no it isn’t all it is cracked up to be, the bag isn’t cut or designed well, the material is very thin, the body of the bag shags unless the bag is packed full, and sits very low to the ground, it seems cheaply designed and it’s not very durable, I feel like the hands will snap if I fill it up to much and then there is the fear of tearing the bottom on the ground, from where the handles are long, and I mean I am 6’2 tall so there should be plenty of room for it not to do this but well there isn’t. overall if you want a custom bag then check them out, if you want a good travel bag, then best look elsewhere, this bag is going to be a gym bag from now on.

have a look at their website 

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