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Manning it - how to wear your nails

For some of you , you might find this article a little surprising, Nail polish on a guy right it is not something you hear every day, but you would be surprised how many of us actually go to nail bars or tend to them at home, nails are a very important part of your finger and they get neglected to often, we seem to forget they help protect the Nerve endings at the end of your finger but also help get the little fiddly bits done , like opening a key ring hook, try to imagine not being able to feel anything in your hand, life would not be easy.

Tending to your nails isn’t rocket science either, a set of nail clippers and your pretty much done right, well lets stop right there, nail clippers are great, easy and quick but the best thing for your nails, they can leave the nail sharp and uneven, meaning your more than likely to catch it and tip it, if you have a hands on job you know this all to well, going out on a Friday night, you don’t want messy looking hands and your hands are very visual when you out holding a drink.

The best thing for those nails is a nail file and a little protective coating to keep them looking smooth and clean, here I have picked to great pieces that aren’t expensive and will last a long time, and its pretty simple if you follow these easy steps, firstly I picked up this crystal nail file, the abrasive crystal surface helps protect the nails and makes them less prone to splitting as well as looking good in this two tone colour, secondly I picked up this Nat origin nail enamel clear, which is a natural nail polish with eco friend formulation making it as natural as possible, it is free from all the nasty ingredients like chrome and silicon, which of course is what you want , natural products are always better, now you can easily achieve clean shape and good looking nails. 

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check out this simple guild to your nails below


1. Hold the nail file lightly between your thumb and index finger. Don’t grasp it

2. Keep the file at a 45 degree angle at all times

3. Start filing the Free Edge of the nail in one direction. Do not file backwards and forwards, once you get to the length you like then stop, but don’t go to short that there is no nail.

4.Clean off your nail with a cotton pad rid of the dust


1. Pick up the polish and remove the brush, you don’t need loads so adjust the amount in the bottle neck. Do this in a scraping motion to make the brush flat at the same time.

2. Place the brush close to the cuticle area and push it up to get as close to the cuticle line as possible. Ideally leaving a gap which is only the width of a hair. And then drag the brush towards the free edge.

3. Leave to dry.

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