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Pick of the pins

When it comes to suits, you either do it right or do it wrong, its not so hard to master once you get use to styles, the internet is a big box of ideas, google suit styles a million billion suits and style will pop your eyes out your skull, but it’s not just how and what you wear, it is also about how you accompany and wear the suit, I have spoken before about what shoes to wear with a suit and soon we at Vanity will have a visual guild to help you along the way, but that is for another time, today I want to talk about lapel pins.

Now if you’re a suit junkie you’re probably already in the know about lapel pins, but if you’re not then you are about to learn something simple but powerful stuff, the lapel can change an outfit from classy to classic, smart to casual and also ruin it altogether, there are so many types of pins available across the web, ranging from floral to animal designs and they come in different materials as well like cotton and metal pressed designs.

When picking your pin, you have to think colour and design, how it will work with your outfit and how it will complement it, the simple ones that will work with most suits and jackets are metal pins, I tend to go for animal designs, like a rabbit or stag head, it is simple and pleasant to the eye, the over all  image of an animal can be taken in many ways, but then you have pins like poke cards or custom designs that can represent you as a person, but be care what you get to represent yourself, these can change an outfit from classy to cheese, you don’t want a smart blue cut suit with a smiley face pin stuck to it, then comes floral designs these look great with smart and casual outfits if the colours complement each other, for these I always say think the pin the same as a tie and pocket square, think like that and you will pick them right, pick on that matches your tie set, that can work well, google ideas for inspiration and get suited and booted. Happy styling.

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