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Food in Madrid with Pizzi Dixie

I recently took a business/personal trip to Madrid Spain, a beautiful city with lots to see. But I am not here to talk to you about the history of Madrid but some of the best tasting plant-based food I have ever had. No messing it really was something else, so I decided to do a few posts about this food starting with Pizzi & Dixie.

A small Italian style restaurant in central Madrid. The overall feel of the place is positive with bright colours and creative decor giving off a young vibe while keeping it classy. The menu is in Spanish only but its worth the fuss of trying to translate it.

All the food is plant-based. Pizzi Dixie uses some interesting styles and ingredients, like the charcoal pizza base that comes out black/green or the bubble calzone pictured. The food has a vibrate taste with a great strong flavour and presentation, check out the purple gnocchi pictured, with pumpkin sauce and veg. The sauce was sweet and balanced by the veg, the gnocchi was cooked perfectly I highly recommend the gnocchi and the calzone. The calzone is very different from anything I've tried before. Firstly its a bubble filled with tomato, cheese and olives, it really has a punch to it. The vegan cheese is like nothing I've ever had before, truly amazing, and comes from the vegan store opposite. You can't really get fresher ingredients than that. Overall Pizzi Dixie was great on every level, customer service and food were all 5 star.

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