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Me, My Suit & Tie

The new years party’s are over but that doesn’t mean the party is over, 2018 has a load of great party’s and events coming up and that can only mean one thing, dressing it up and looking great.

if want to make a great impression with your style whether that be a smart up class do or something a bit more formal, the guys at Me, My suit & Tie have you covered for anything from your day to day fashion styling to going out to a party.
Picking out the best matching highlights to your outfit, from socks to ties, belts to pocket squares , they know what they are doing and you can see the perfect tone matches with their different styles of boxes, which get delivered straight to your door, saving you time and energy going through all your accessories and pieces trying to work out what works best together, the guys at Me, My suit and tie sent us over their December box which to us would have been great to share before the big party season, but we think it works just as well after the party season , so here is our run down of the box.

The box is a classic party selection with a tie, pocket square, cuff links, sockets and bow tie, the colours of the ties are both in deep burgundy red with matching socks , a pocket square and plain dot black cufflinks, this a great all round selection for both formal and smart events and can be worn to either, depending how you match them up to your outfit, we have choose to match up the neck tie with a black suit, this is a smart look which works well with the pocket square and cufflinks add a nice touch to a white shirt.

For the bowtie we choose a more relaxed but formal tweed jacket with black trousers and the matching socks, again with the white shirt and cufflinks, the socks add to the outfit by toning it down and give it a colour flash, matching tones works well in both outfits and it is generally upto you how you wish to match them up, Me, My Suit & tie have some great boxes for all sorts of styles and combinations, check out the website to see there full range and monthly subscriptions.

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