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Teatox : Pure Beauty

Like most brits I do love a good classic cup of tea, it’s comforting effect on the soul, just like most teas I would think, but with so many teas available now it is hard to stick to your standard breakfast tea.

Tea has been around for thousands of years and drunk in many ways, like for ritual reasons and now days mainly for the comforting feeling or the health benefits which come with these super teas that are now widely available across the globe, things like green tea and floral tea. You either like the taste or hate it, I don’t think many people will openly admit they enjoy the taste of green tea, but the positives of drinking it out weight the negatives, If you often read my articles you will know that I am slowly making my way through the range of teas available from Teatox and here is my brake down of the next one.

This time I went with the tea Pure Beauty, because I could do with some beauty in my life right now and the tea sounded tasty at the same time. The mild aromatic tea consists of hand picked organic ingredients and has antioxidants and purifying effect on the body, made with white tea, camomile, olive leaves and pineapple, which where select to support the body and give you a radiant appearance from with in, the white tea and olive leaves in particular help protect the bodies organs and skin while making you feel better as a whole, the hydrogenates in the tea help fluids balanced and keep you hydrated while the caffeine in the white tea helps to keep you stimulated and olives leaves provide a  healthy dose of antioxidants that support the bodies detoxification process. These teas are lose teas that come in small cans, you have to leave the tea to brew in a diffuser, if you don’t have one Teatox also have this covered as well, check out there range at love Lula
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