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Benefits of a konjac Sponge

You're probably asking why I am writing a post about a sponge? Well, the way you shower and clean can make a big difference to skin on a daily basis, showering every day isn't good for your skin to start, it rids your skin of its natural oils to often and doesn't give it time to replenish itself, but then what is so important about the sponge you use, well those shower puffs we all use aren't good for cleaning your skin much at all, the texture and materials (mainly plastic) harbour all your dead skin cells and bacteria between them, which you then reapply to your skin everytime you shower.

A sponge is a much more natural product for the skin, not only because they don't collect the dirt you're trying to rid of but they are a lot gentler and better at getting rid of that dirt in the first place, the sponge of choice would have to be a Konjac sponge, Konjac is a porous root vegetable that grows in Asia and the sponge is solid before water is applied, they are widely available in stores but tend to be small, you want to grab a full body sponge, I picked up this one by The Konjac sponge Co from ManOrganic, they aren't expensive and are a great investment.

6 Benefits of using a Konjac Sponge

1. The Konjac sponge cleanses your skin of dirt, spots, oil and blemishes without leaving it dull looking the next morning, gently massaging the skin while stimulating blood flow and the renew of cells. using the sponge your not only cleaning it but helping prep it for your skin care products, your products will work and feel better when your skin isn't damaged because of harsh plastic scrubbers used on it

3.The sponge is suitable for all skin types, including super sensitive skin types and even on newborn babies, these sponges are that gentle and natural, you can use them with or without soaps.

4.Konjac is very good at helping with clogging pores and acne, the natural fibers unclog the pores resulting in clearer skin and giving you a more balanced skin tone and complexion.

5.It is a vestment, you will soon come to see that you don't need to use all those extra products before showering, like and if you wear makeup, the sponge can be used directly to remove it. is great to travel with, after using the sponge, allow it to dry out completely and it will return to a feather-light block, great for travelling with and easy to store away.

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