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Booted and Stoned

When it comes to your shoes and boots you have an endless choice to make and if like me,  you’re bad at it and just end up buying everything there is to offer, then getting the shoes and outfits to match them can be just as hard, I have been after a pair of suede style boots for ages and didn’t know what shade or style I wanted, i really don’t like big chuck boots, having big feet and skinny legs just leaves me looking like a clown, so when I look for boots I tend to aim for pointed or taper styles.
Now I have been in a lot of shops over and over looking for this style in suede but never found any I actually liked that fitted well and looked great too, most of them where to lose or to chucky, there where a few shops I found some killer pairs that fitted well, but with the killer look came the killer price tag and don’t get me wrong I think investing in your style is very important but not for cost close to a thousand, not on some boots that I will most probably scuff up within the first month knowing what I am like.

But thankfully not all was lost on this search, I finally decided that I wanted stone colour boots, this was a colour that wasn’t yet in my collection of shoes and it also works well with my Demin collection, around November time while searching for Christmas presents, that I was really dreading, I popped into Office shoes, which is a store I hadn’t yet checked for these boots, but I wasn’t actually in there to get myself something, but hey what do you know they had a pair of Stone shade suede boots from the brand Ask the Missus , they fitted perfectly and look great, now for the price, I slowly turn over the boot and to my amazement they are half price at £50 , I couldn’t believe it and would of happily paid the full price.

Now I am the proud owner of some suede style boots, all I had to do was pick out the outfit to fit with them, which I got to straight away, I went for a casual look of ripped jeans, matched with a long sleeve off white t-shirt and Stone wash Demin Borg collar jacket, this is prep outfit which I will mainly wear in spring summer, it is stylish, light and breathable, remember that suede style materials don’t work to well in the wet weather and neither does the colour stone, it shows up all the marks, so protecting them with a suede wax will help, Happy styling.

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