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Freshen up: A Hydrating Mist

Do you ever get that feeling after a long day, where your skin feels dry and tight?
Most people think this is caused by the weather but in fact being inside all day can cause this, mainly due to things like air conditioning and heating, if you work in an office you will know this feeling for sure, I personally hate the feeling, but I try to moisturise throughout the day, this, however, isn’t always the best thing if you’re going into meetings and talking face to face all day, many moisturisers take a little while to fully absorb leaving a residue on your skin until they have.

However toning waters and sprays can really help with this problem, they are great for those moments you need a freshen up and quickly, not only that you can put them in your bag and take them anywhere, no need to wash your hands after, no big mess and quick absorption.

There are many great choices out there and I am currently using this spray mist from Trilogy, not only is it hydrating but it smells and looks amazing as well, this gentle alcohol free spray gives the skin instant moisture, while being aromatic thanks to its key ingredients of Rose petal, Lavender and Geranium  used to hydrate and tone your skin, but these type of sprays can be used whenever you feel like it, I use it first thing in the morning after putting on my daily toner before leaving the apartment and when I get back at night, it gives you that sweet kick awake and nothing beats the fresh feeling you get from using it, it comes in a 100ML bottle which also makes it great for taking away on your travels whether that be a hot place or cold, it benefits your skin for both the effects of.

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