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When it comes to the basics in fashion there are somethings that just need to fit and feel right, you can be out all day looking great and feeling great , but when you get home after that day you want to relax and you still want to feel good, comfort clothing has to be the favourite for most of us, getting home wrapping up and chilling out after a long day, getting the best and most comforting wear can be hard sometimes, if its underwear it can be a nightmare, because 99% of stores won’t let you return underwear for hygiene reason and that is fair enough, but you want something that is going to fit well and not irritate you, something soft and simple and the guys at bread & boxers got that part from the get go.

Bread & boxers was created with simplicity and comfort in mind as well as functionally, designed and crafted in Sweden from cotton at 94% - 100% depending on the product to give a soft touch and great fit and this really can be seen and felt within their products, the design of their products is all about the comfort and not so much getting the brand out there, you won’t see there products with big logos on them, the structure of their clothing is more than just ordinary, they have more slim in the slim fit and more length in the long, giving that body comfort clothing you need when trying to relax.

Bread & boxers owners also like to collaborate on seasonal collections and special editions, giving you something special to get your teeth stuck into, embracing the clean lines and styling of classic menswear that has grown over the years while keeping it simple but better, they understand your everyday basic needs and believe that getting great clothing should be as simple as picking up the morning bread, not only that they wanted to make simple and effective clothing that can be wore how you want, their tee shirts can be worn for more than one reason, you can chill out at home and relax or go out with the boys for a knees up, they are perfect for wearing out and about, plain and simple tees that can be matched  up with whatever style you want, the clean sleek look is perfect with a blazer and jeans or could be match up with some suit trousers and boat shoes, it’s up to you to decide which look you want to go for, but you can look good while knowing your feel good at the same time, keeping it simple and basic will always have it comforts, its doing it the right way that makes the biggest impact, check out their website to see their collect and take a look at some of the shots we got while trying them out.

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