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Clean & Fresh Under Arms

 When it comes to skincare, most of us think of our face, torso, arms and legs, but one of the places we put products every day that seems to get forgotten is our underarms.
That deep dark place that ends up smelling if you don’t use products, they are one place that never gets forgotten when it comes to applying a product but get forgotten in the sense that the skin there is very important and when it flares up we notice straight away.

But not all these products we use to stop body odour are good for us, they have positive effects when it comes to stopping the smell produced by body odour but when talking skincare and health, so many products are full of damaging chemicals and metals that can cause some serious damage. There isn’t a toxic warning on these products for no reason, if it is dangerous to breathe in then why would you put it on your skin?

The best solution is to not use aerosol deodorants but rather roll-on deodorants, wax sticks and non-compressed sprays, then again some of these can have harsh chemical content as well.
The best thing to do is some research and look for products like the one I am currently using from Green people,  it is free from pore clogging aluminium, parabens, alcohol and artificial fragrances, as well as being refreshing and lightly scented using Aloe Vera, sandalwood and chamomile, leaving your under arms not only smell free but the skin in better condition, now this deodorant doesn’t stop perspiration but then you have to think to yourself that perspiration is, in fact, natural and that are bodies do it to cool down, but when using anti perspirations your blocking your body from doing this natural reaction to overheating, it isn’t very good for your mind or body.

By using these deodorants you will notice the difference straight away.

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