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SUKIN for MEN – Morning & Night

SUKIN for MEN – Morning & Night

My Skincare Regime changes so often that I lose track of the best way of doing it sometimes, but I always enjoy trying out new products and new ways of using those products
Over time I have come to realise that using the same branded products within my daily regime seems to yield better results, whether that be a shampoo and conditioner for my hair or skincare products like toners and moisturisers, it may be just me but a lot of people seem to agree on this subject, so I decided to put it to the test.

So I recently picked up two products from one of my favourite brands SUKIN, I fell in love with their face mask last year check out the article( ) since then i have been keen to try out some other facial fixes, so I picked up the SUKIN for men facial scrub and Facial cleanser.

Using the Gel cleanser in the morning really does give you that fresh awake feeling, Baobab extract and Tasmanian pepper remove the build-up of dirt and oil that gathers while you’re asleep and Aloe Vera helps to leave skin feeling refreshed, awake and hydrated, nothing beats that feeling in the morning, okay maybe coffee but they go hand in hand with one another really.

Simply press a small amount into wet hands and lather gently onto your face, leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse off, pat you face dry with a clean towel.

For the face scrub I would use this at night, mainly because it helps to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells that accumulate throughout the day, the grainy texture of bamboo powder and walnut shells really help get deep down to draw out that dirt, while sesame and Jojoba oils work to bring moisture back to the skin and soften it, leaving your skin purified.

I use this scrub after showering, as the warm water of the shower helps to open the pores up, simply squeeze a small amount into your hand and massage into the skin, I tend to do this for around 5 minutes, this way I feel I have really given it a good scrub, then I rinse this off with cold water to help close those pores back up.

Simple but effective products and they really do work well together, only time will tell if this regime carries on working effectively and using these products, stay posted for updates and other great products and reviews.

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