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Maintaining your beard with Alchemy Oil

Beards are becoming more and more popular. They are different for everyone and they all grow at different speeds and in different directions, but one thing that should be the same for every one is how we decide to maintain and care for that facial hair, if you want your beard to look its best then there are some great products to help keep you on the right path but it is not just the products but how you your hair as well.

Combing your beard is one way to help give the beard shape and also helps your beard grow in the direction you want, there are plenty of beard combs available but most fine tooth combs will do just as well.

But one thing that is strongly recommended is beard oil, this will not only help the beard but also your skin and your skin is just as important, remember that is where the hair is growing from after all. The best time to use beard oil is directly after showering or cleansing when your pores are open more and the skin is more receptive to the affects and benefits of using the product.

My product of choice for this would be something with a kick to it, I recently picked up a selection of oils and this one is a great choice for anyone, the oil is by Alchemy oils and is a peppermint beard remedy using 5 potent oils blended, including Avocado, Coconut and Argan, they work together to Hydrate and condition your beard while rosehip oil helps improve your skins condition topped off with peppermint that helps promote growth and really gives you a strong kick.

The oil is free from all artificial chemicals and contain nothing but 100% natural oils.
You can find the range of oils available at

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