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Morning, Day & Night using Alteya Organic

I have said it before and I will keep saying it and that is that using products from the same brand always seem to work better together, whether that be hair care or skincare, they are just made to be on the same level.

This time I have picked out a trio that can’t get much fresher than this, most guys would probably think twice before using floral scented products but everyone i have made try them out have loved everything about them and you really don’t know until you try.

The trio I have selected are a facial wash and two spray bottled toning waters, use them together and your feel like a million dollars, well pounds in England but you know what I mean.


The first of three products from Alteya is this Facial wash, this mild and gentle Facial wash helps remove oil, make up and impurities while being mild and kind to your skin, rich in nutrients and fatty acids, leaving your skin feeling fresh and soft. The Organic Bulgarian rose oil helps improve complexion, rejuvenates and balance skin, while a organic blend of oils help to firm and tone.
This Organic rose oil-rose otto is the prefect Facial wash for day or night and it’s key benefits really helps to nourishes and sooth the skin, fight free radicals and stimulate collagen production, which means the slowing down the affects of ageing, which is always a great thing.


This floral water spray is perfect to use after showering, this chamomile water is created from stream distillation of organic Chamomile flowers. Camomile is a gentle and soothing flower and help to calm and tone skin, it has mild brightening properties which help with dark under-eyes and discolouration, the sweet aroma can calm and help sooth the mind which makes it great to use before going to sleep at night, giving you hydrated skin while you sleep and reducing breakouts.

The next spray I think is best to use in the morning, it is steam distilled white rose water made from fresh organic Rose Alba blossoms which is one of the rarest oil-bearing roses, this lighter and delicate floral water is a great start today,  it is a stimulating water which has anti-ageing properties just like the chamomile water, it is also a gentle anti septic which helps with acne and the healing of dry and damage skin. The spray is great to take about with you in your bag for a freshen up and to help balance your skin throughout the day, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and harmonised.

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