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Cedarwood & Pine - The Bar By Romano

When it comes to showering and bathing I am one of those, lets get it done quick kinda people, if I don’t do it in a rush I will just stay in there for every, having that warm water hit your skin has to be one of the nicest feelings there can be after a long day at work, I think the same goes for the products that we use when doing these things, now for me I only have a shower in my apartment, but if there was a bath I think I would end up buying all these fancy bath oils and bath bombs.

But one thing I do enjoy using in the shower is a good old fashion bar of soap and there is so much history to it but you always find you feel that bit more cleansed after using one, there is always that soapy smell that lingers after using it as well, that is a nice feeling.

Most of the soaps I have used in the past have always been sweet smelling but I am actually much more a musky smell kind of guy so I opted to try out a more natural smelling bar this time and picked up the Cedarwood & Pine soap bar from Ruth Romano, it is an award-winning natural bar of soap, I had to choose it really. It is made from the finest ingredients to create a beautiful and creamy bar, it gives off a strong but calming aroma of Cedarwood which is a favourite of mine and it also has essential oils blended with poppy seeds to help exfoliate the skin.

It weighs in at 100g and the range of soaps is available from

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