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Old Faithful - The Beard Oil

When it comes to skincare there are a number things we can do and product that can be used that make a really big difference to our day to day lives and recently I got on the bandwagon hype for beard oils, I wrote an article on Some peppermint beard oil I picked up from and now I have gone and done it again with these too beard oils by Old Faithful, they use the same key ingredients in their oils but they come in different scents and measurements which means you will always be getting a great quailty from them no matter what oil you choose, below is a little round up of the two I chose.

The first oil is Wabi-sabi which means Finding beauty in imperfection, the first thing you notice about the oils is their glorious scent, Wabi-sabi has earthy/smoky tones and a base of sandalwood, the scent has a deep effect while leaving you feeling relaxed and fresh.

The oil is organic, unrefined and cold-pressed using a blend of Camellia seed oil which is famed for it's nourishing properties by the women of Japan & China, it also helps to stimulator growth and calm itchy skin, this is helped by Jojoba oil which forms a gentle barrier around the beard helping to lock in moisture and be hydrating throughout your day. The oil also has blends of Argan oil and broccoli seed oil, Argan oil is super high in Vitamin E antioxidant which helps protect you from elements and broccoli seed oils is a great conditioning element to calm down and tame the beard.

The Second oil is Kintsugi, which means to repair in gold, this oil is a great start to any day with the same woody tones as the Wabi oil, but with the added sweetness of Opopanax and subtle Neroli, giving you an overall woody tone with a warm fresh floral twist.

both oils are great for any beard, but remember that it's not just your beard hair but your skin that oils help, after all your hair is growing from your skin and it is a key player in having a great looking beard, once you have applied the oil, give your beard a gentle combing in the direction you want it to grow in, this will help keep it in shape.

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