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Suited & Booted - The Basics

Do you enjoy dressing smart or do you prefer a casual style? For me it has to be the smart look, there is a powerful feeling to the fit of a great suit and the history of tailoring which I think gets passed on throughout the ages, suits date back hundreds of years and have mainly remained the same since. Even if your not a big fan of a three-piece suit there are plenty of ways to get that smart look.

Looking smart is all about the contrasts and details, you need to think about the colours you're going to put together to create an outfit. To start a basic and easy look, I always go for black trousers or even jeans. This is the base of the outfit and black works well with any colour.

Next up would be your top, either a t-shirt or shirt can work for this look, again colour is important but if you want to keep it simple and focus on the suit jacket then wear either a white or black top, it works with the black trousers and is a base colour which will work with pretty much any jacket.

Your key feature of looking smart is that jacket and any blazer or suit jacket can work, in this outfit I am wearing a royal blue suit jacket from Moss Bros, it is from a three-piece suit set but can be bought alone.

You can also add a little extra to your look with some simple accessories like a pocket square, if applicable a tie clip is a great tool to use, not only does it have a function but it looks good as well, you can also use cufflinks in your shirt if possible and of course a watch is always the best tool you can carry and adds a touch of class to any outfit, being on time is a gentleman trait that has stood the test of time.

When it comes to shoes, black again works with pretty much all outfits, but brown is a great contrast to a suited outfit and work well together with blue, give it a go and see what works for you, your style is your freedom.

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