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Summer Bronze - The Trilogy Gel

I think we can all agree that summer is the best time of year, there is something so hearty about that big ball of fire beaming down on us, keeping us alive and also burning the hell out of us at the same time, forgetting your sun lotion is something I always happen to do.

I find it hard getting a good tan, I just tend to burn burn burn, then peel, never a good look, I think this happens to a lot of us brits, but a like a lot of us we also love a great tan, even more so if your from Essex, but lets get real a second, we all know that most of us use fake tan and there is really no reason not to, its easy, doesn’t have the same affects as harmful UV rays and you look great after, well if you put it on properly that is.

I have been using a few different tanning solutions over the last year, ranging from tanning waters to spray tans, but I always go back to Instant bronzing gels, they are safe and easy to apply, giving you a quick instant colour on application, pretty simple with great affects.

My most recent product of choice was the instant bronzing gel by Trilogy, it delivers that instant colour on application which is enhanced with light reflecting mineral mica, it can be applied once a week for a nice gentle glow or you can keep applying daily to build up a deep tan.

The unique formulation combines caramel from non-GMO cane sugar for a instant glow with a natural ECOCERT self-tanning ingredient to develop a natural looking tan, the light reflecting mineral mica give the skin a subtle shimmer with added Aloe Vera which helps sooth and hydrate the skin and antioxidant- rich Vitamin E helps fight damage.
It is best to use after exfoliating skin, then blend the gel evenly over your skin and allow it to dry, don’t forget to wash your hands after use, couldn’t be easy.
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