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There isn't many of us who venture out the house without trying to look something of respectable.

Styling our hair included if there's one thing that I have to do it is making sure my hair looks somewhat presentable, I think most guys would agree it is one of those things that really ticks us off if it doesn't sit right.

But then there is also trying to find that product that looks and holds just how you want it, I myself tend to try out different products & styles quite often, I have different hairstyles for different looks, like high & tight for a sharp-suited look or wet and messy for a more casual streetwear look, it all depends on you as a person and what you like.

My main product is a clay wax as it is stronger and holds my hair well, but I have been trying out pastes and wet wax lately and have come across some pretty good products that will be kept and used more as the summer months come into play.

One of those products was this organic hair paste by John Masters, They call it the all-in-one and for good reason, it's a multi-tasking product for your hair. The paste gives a nice amount volume & texture while maintaining enough hold for whatever styles take your fancy, it leaves you with a soft matte finish for a more natural looking style. But if you did want a more wet look style just run a damp comb through your hair and then apply some paste and then so hairspray, the spray just fixes everything into place.

John masters have some great products I have spoke about before you can check out that article here

For more great products by John Masters head over to

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