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The Shaving game by Living Nature

Can we call it a game? I guess that is probably a better word for it, even more so in the early mornings when you haven't woke up yet.
But there's only two main tools you need for your shave, the razor and shave gel/shave cream, if these two items aren't of good quality, then don't expect a good quality shave.

We have spoken before about some of the best razors sets out there before ( but lets talk about the importance of using a shaving gel/cream

For me it has to be a gel and not the sort that then turns to a foam and doesn't work but rather one that lathers up while remaining in a liquid form, making for better protection and a closer shave, so I picked up this gentle, non-drying gel by Living Nature, it allows the razor to slip across your skin for a smooth and nick free shave.

Not only does the gel give you a close shave but it is specially formulated for male skin types using gentle cleansers to clean and lift impurities while keeping your skin calm.

It uses some great key ingredients that work like magic to help give your skin a great balance of skincare and grooming. One being kumerahou which helps clean and rebalance your skins natural oils without the harsh effects. The second ingredient being manuka honey which gently exfoliates and rejuvenates while leaving your skin feeling nourished, there is a third key ingredient which is witch hazel extract, this ingredient is a natural anti-inflammatory and is used to help keep your skin calm and free of irritation.

If you haven't used gel shaving products before then you really should try them out, this product by Living nature is available at

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