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The style of being yourself

The modern gent, what comes to mind? Is it sharp suits and polished boots? Well, we aren’t too sure, we think being a Gentleman is much more than just your clothing and looks, but more the confidence in which you wear that style.

There are so many looks and styles that seem to be key players on social media but the three main styles that seem to pop up everywhere are Suits, streetwear rocker looks and streetwear sports looks. Now anyone knows or would have seen a sharp suit, those beautiful lines, great fit and varies colours and textures, there is a power to this outfit which really shows off and attracts people, I being one that really does love a great suit, but then wearing a suit all the time can have its negatives , I don’t feel like you can truly chill out in a suit, not like you can when your in streetwear.

Then comes the streetwear/casual looks, this in it’s can pretty much be anything that you would wear on a day to day basis, but that look that keeps popping up is trainers/boots with ripped jeans t-shirts and then some sharp jacket like a leather or bomber, I love this look, it has hints of old-school rocker cross with modern day, dress downs. But then you also have sportswear street styling, this can either work well or not at all, you have these outfits where people wear sports leggings with a leather jacket, no thank you, but then you see some great styles with basketball shorts, torn t-shirts and a classic snapback, that is an edgy look that works and looks stylish out and about the city, as well as feeling super comfortable.

Now these styles are all common ground really, we have seen them all before, just like most styles, they always come around and then go out of fashion again and again but why not mix it up, go for something that doesn’t mix well but also looks simple but stylish, like the outfit picture, a colourful jumper, regular jeans and some nice kickers, it shows your comfortable in what your wearing while looking cool and relaxed at the same time, we care so much about what we wear sometimes , you forget who you are while wearing them, have some fun with your style, wear what you want and stop caring what others think, everyone loves a comfort Sunday jumper, just wear it any day of the week, you could chunk on a leather jacket or coat to add an edgy twist or dress it down with some ripped jeans or even some shorts.

Model - Androo Haddon
Jumper - TopMan
|Jeans - Blueinc
Trainers - River Island

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