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Three ways to get a better nights sleep

Do you ever get those restless nights, you just cannot sleep, you're turning over and over and no matter what you do you can't get that shut-eye and then when you finally do get to sleep you keep waking up and don't get that powerful rest your body needs.

Well here are three simple ways to improve your sleep that really do work.

Now I know what your thinking and you really don't need to be spiritual to benefit from sleep meditation, it's really simple and easy to do laying down, the basis of this is soft music with spoke work talking over it, you just have to lay there and listen, thinking and following what the person is saying and controlling your breath, this really does help you relax and drift off to sleep while helping to empty your mind of stresses. There are a few different types of sleep meditation, including charka and hypnosis, any of them will do help relax you but they are all very interesting and helpful to give it a go and see if it helps.

Again you're probably thinking what the hell is that and to be it simply it is like sleep air fresher, sounds funny right?

Well, they have been proven to really help calm. the mind and help you get a better nights sleep. This award-winning goodnight mist by Neals Yard Remedies in Covent Garden London has proven to improve your sleep from the first night. The blend of organic lavender, vetiver and mandarin essential oils promote a sense of calm for a peaceful night, simply spray it around your pillow before bed and enjoy the essence of sleep. (Available online at

Thats right, straight up yoga and this isnt something you need to train for or have a big interest in, but doing some simple yoga before bed helps your body and mind unwind, lets you losen up but is also great for your muscles and building strenght, yoga is simply two main things, breathing control and posing, its about learning to control yourself while emptying your mind, it has so many style and movements to choose from, but below is a simple routine that can be done before bed in 10mins, just remember, long deep breathes throught the nose amd out throught the month.

Now these are all simple and effect ways to help you get a better nights sleep, you can try each one out and see if it helps, but I recommend trying all three out in one go, start with yoga, the mist then the meditation while you lay in bed, you won't just get to sleep but you sleep better.

Happy 40 winks.

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