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A gentleman's style with the Argentum Box

When it comes to a gentleman they like to be tip top, everything is perfect from the suit to the shoes and they give you a great feeling inside, looking all dapper and that. There is a great sense of importance that comes with wearing your best outfit and dressing up has always been a key part in up class social events. Well, it was at least in the past. Not anymore though, suits and shiny shoes are every more affordable nowadays and looking great gets easier and easier with the help of social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

So you go shopping and pick out your suit, it fits well your happy, you get some tips on what shoes to wear with it that match the style and outfit of the suit, perfect right. well believe it or not so many people get stuck at this point because picking out the matching suit is easy but picking the accessories to match it is the hard part. You now have to decide what tie will look good, what pocket square, oh and how about a lapel pin as well, at this point your minds going in circles because that tie just doesn’t look right and that pocket square doesn’t match your tie.

Well there are great pocket square and tie sets available in the shops that cut down on the part or you could go to a tailor for advice and then have to make a purchase from them, but they aren’t so simple really. But that’s nothing to worry really, not when you have home delivery suit sets like this monthly box from Me, My, Suit & Tie.

They have been becoming more and more popular this year, and the great thing is you can either get a monthly subscription or buy the boxes individually, the sets all come matching in colour themes and styles and they vary from month to month, so one month you may have yourself, a tie, pocket square, wallet and perfume and the next you might have tie, pocket square, lapel pin, cardholder , it’s a great service that not only helps you month to month but also give you inspiration of what works well together, the Argentum style box featured has all you need for a great night out, including two-tone black & white socks, printed Deer pocket square, grey tone card holder, silver and black undertone tie and also L’Homme Prada perfume.

A perfect set to keep your look refined, stylist and smelling great, check out there Instagram and website to see their range of boxes and get inspired.

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