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Pearly Whites with Style White

Something so noticeable shouldn't ever be forgotten, but for so many of us, we do forget that our smile is a key part of facial features and is something that most people notice first.

I myself really don't like my smile, but my teeth aren't all that bad, I still have them all which is a good thing, but due to all the coffee and cigarettes, they do tend to go a bit yellow which is only to be expected, you can only do some much my brushing your teeth, it is the general day to day maintenance which is the most important, we need those teeth at the end of the day, but then we also want a nice bright white smile, which is always possible with just toothpaste.

I have tried out lots of these whitening kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes and they do help, But not as much as these do at home whitening kits, my most recent product of choice is from Style white, it works on teeth that are discoloured due to the consumption of, tea, wine, smoking and so on, the kit helps give you back the natural brightness of your teeth without causing damage to the enamel of nerves.

The kit from Style white includes whitening gel, Mouth tray and light activator. The gel lasts around 6 sessions and can lift your teeth up to 4 shades brighter and it only takes 10mins. I went ahead and tested the kit as soon as it arrived and it worked so well, I told everyone about it, it lifted my teeth 4 shades light on the first go, I was really impressed how well it worked without leaving my teeth sensitive like a lot of other products have , I will be using it whenever possible and it is so simple to use. Below is a rundown of how to use it.

1. Brush your teeth first, got to get them as clean as possible
2. Clip the Light into the front of the Mouth tray
3. Run a small layer of the whitening gel along the verticle sides of the Mouth tray, top & bottom.
4. Place the tray in your mouth so it sits against your teeth and bite down to keep it in place.
5.  Press the bottom on top of the light to switch it on and wait 10minutes, the light will beep when the 10 minutes have passed
6. Done, remove the mouth tray and stare in the mirror at your glorious whiter teeth.
7. Rinse clean the mouth tray clean for the next use, but don't get the light wet.

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